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The Muddy 36″ Flat Bungee 4 Pack is a set of heavy-duty bungee cords designed for securing cargo and equipment during transport. These flat bungees provide a strong and secure hold, making them ideal for use on trucks, trailers, and other hauling vehicles. Key Features: Heavy-Duty Construction: Made from high-quality rubber for durability and strength. Length: 36 inches long to provide a secure hold for various cargo sizes. Flat Design: Helps prevent the bungee from rolling or twisting, ensuring a secure hold. Durable Hooks: Features strong and durable hooks that provide a secure attachment point. Versatile Use: Suitable for securing cargo on trucks, trailers, and other hauling vehicles. Easy to Use: Simply stretch the bungee and hook it into place to secure your cargo. Weather-Resistant: Resistant to weather and UV damage, making them suitable for outdoor use. Multiple Pack: Comes in a pack of 4, providing multiple bungees for securing different loads. Secure: Provides a strong and reliable hold to keep your cargo in place during transport. Compact: Easy to store when not in use, taking up minimal space. The Muddy 36″ Flat Bungee 4 Pack is a versatile and durable set of bungee cords that provide a secure hold for your cargo during transport.

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