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The Avian-X LCD Feeder Hen Decoy is a lifelike and highly realistic turkey decoy designed to attract both dominant and subordinate gobblers. This decoy features a unique collapsible design for easy transport and setup in the field. Key Features: Lifelike Design: Features a highly detailed and realistic paint scheme to mimic a feeding hen turkey. Laydown Position: Designed to be positioned in a relaxed, feeding posture to create a natural and inviting appearance. Collapsible Design: The decoy collapses for easy transport and storage, and can be quickly set up in the field. Durable Construction: Made from durable materials to withstand rugged hunting conditions. Realistic Movement: The decoy’s design allows for natural movement in the wind, adding to its lifelike appearance. Versatile Use: Can be used in various hunting setups, including fields, woods, and open terrain. Easy to Use: Comes with a stake for easy placement in the ground. Attractive to Gobblers: The realistic appearance and feeding posture of the decoy are highly attractive to both dominant and subordinate gobblers. Enhanced Hunting Success: Using a lifelike decoy can help increase your chances of luring a turkey into shooting range. Proven Performance: The Avian-X brand is known for its high-quality decoys that have been field-tested and proven effective by experienced hunters. The Avian-X LCD Feeder Hen Decoy is a valuable tool for any turkey hunter looking to enhance their hunting setup and increase their chances of a successful hunt. Its realistic appearance and natural movement make it a highly effective decoy for attracting gobblers.

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